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What Is Energy Management?

Bowerbird believes in our core mission of managing energy. Our comprehensive approach to energy management helps you achieve your highest levels of environmental stewardship. The cycle of energy management consists of four stages: Supply, Monitor, Demand and Infrastructure.

Procure your energy from a reliable and cost effective source.

Monitor and measure your energy use.

Reduce your demand for energy resources.

Design for and build the assets needed to support your energy management goals.

Bowerbird CEO Chris Rawlings is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) by the Association for Energy Engineers. The CEM program is ISO IEC 17024 accredited by Entidad Nacional de Acreditación (ENAC) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and is a U.S. Department of Energy Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines Recognized Program.

  • Where It Comes From
    Energy procurement can be perplexing. You may be subject to volatile and high utility costs, or maybe you're wondering how to participate in a clean energy transition. Whether it's solar, wind or storage, we're here to bring market expertise and integrity. You can put your trust in Bowerbird.

  • How It’s Analyzed
    Energy data should be captured, monitored and measured to provide you the most accurate and recent information. This data is the only tool you have to assess your progress and costs. Monitoring so much can be daunting. Let our technology team design a custom solution for you.

  • The Way It’s Used
    Buildings waste over a third of the energy they use — and saving 1 kWh equals 0.85 pounds of CO2 emissions. But what does this really mean? That there's a huge opportunity for savings. Once we understand your unique situation, we provide a portfolio of strategies to reduce your energy usage and expenses through energy efficiency and conservation.

  • How to Build for the Future
    Plan for and construct your buildings to support your goals. Green buildings offer safer and healthier spaces for occupants, and electric vehicle charging stations support their values. Build for the future of a sustainable environment with Bowerbird.

The Feed

  • The Feed

    “You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Accurate and on-time data is imperative to business operations, saving energy, and reducing your carbon footprint.”

    - Chris Rawlings
  • The Feed

    “Artificial intelligence and deep learning have enabled businesses to act and adjust habits quicker than ever before. Improving overtime, these tools create immediate impact and build continuous value.”

    - Chris Rawlings
  • The Feed

    “Returns on energy projects can be seen in many ways. As a stakeholder, getting a capital expense approved may take time. It’s important as a team we present all of the relevant benefits of each project to ensure a timely execution.”

    - Chris Rawlings
  • The Feed

    “An energy and environmental management plan can only be executed when the plan is monitored and controlled. Continuous commissioning helps systems stay optimized, even during unusual schedules of operation.”

    - Chris Rawlings
  • The Feed

    “Along with fixing compressed air leaks, replacing old motors in manufacturing facilities generates some of the quickest simple paybacks in the industry.”

    - Chris Rawlings

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