Energy Procurement

Get the Best Utility Rates for Your Business

When’s the last time you considered another energy provider? In many places across the United States, businesses can choose their utility provider of electricity or natural gas — and what rates they pay.

The Problem
The volatility of energy markets that depend on global supply chains can drastically increase the operating expenses of your business.

The Solution
Lock in lower rates and hedge against future energy market fluctuations.

Bowerbird is by your side when you’re ready to take control over your energy procurement — in both regulated and deregulated energy markets. We’re supplier agnostic, and we work as your representative when negotiating rates, schedules, taxes, fees, riders and contract terms related to energy usage. Let’s get your best deal.

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Energy Procurement FAQs

How do I know if I’m paying the right energy rates?

A competitive analysis will be included with our proposal which outlines comparisons against your facilities historical data, energy modeling for your future energy usage, and other public energy data available. Energy usage and data from our clients is proprietary and will not be shared without prior written consent.

What are the common charges on a utility bill?

Distribution, Transmission, Power Factor, Time of Use, Usage (kwh), demand (kw), riders