Controlled Environment

Precise Performance That Helps You Grow

Bowerbird understands the unique challenges that come with overseeing the environment of critical infrastructure. We help clients who need specific controls over refrigeration warehouses, indoor agriculture or greenhouse farming operations. Our engineers pay special attention and provide critical oversight to these projects, providing custom solutions fine-tuned for controlled environments. Learn about our growth in this recent article by Richmond Magazine.

Controlled Environment Applications

  • Refrigeration
  • Indoor/Greenhouse Agriculture

When it comes to servicing the controlled environment space, Bowerbird helps you fine-tune your operations by targeting the key performance indicators specific to your controlled environment operations.

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  • Bowerbird is a proud member of the Resource Innovation Institute

    Resource Innovation Institute is a trusted non-profit providing guidance and data for cultivators and their project partners to optimize facilities for efficiency and productivity.

Controlled Environment FAQs

How can we optimize our grow facility?

Indoor grow facilities are designed to replicate optimal outdoor grow environments. Targeted KPIs vary based on the product being grown, but generally include air quality, lighting, water and nutrient supply metrics.

How do we cut refrigeration costs?

To cut costs, operators must minimize the loss of hot or cold air through poor insulation and reduce the excessive use of energy and resources to operate and maintain controlled environments. Proper monitoring of KPIs and implementing corrective measures in a timely fashion is critical to cutting refrigeration costs.