Energy Audits

Feel Confident in Your Reporting

Bowerbird’s Certified Energy Managers will perform an ASHRAE Level 1, 2, or 3 Energy Audit or Building Tuneup based on guidance from the appropriate local sustainability office, ASHRAE, USGBC and other industry leaders.

Energy Audit services:

  • Compliance with local laws and regulations (Ex. NYC Local Law 33)
  • Certified Utility Building Tune Up Contractor (Ex. Philadelphia Office of Sustainability BEP Program)
  • International Standards (ISO 14001/50001) Energy and Environmental Management Systems
  • EnergyStar Benchmarking and Scoring

Complete and accurate energy audits help you understand how you use energy compared with your historical use — or your competitors. Bowerbird’s team will help you comply with regulations to avoid hefty fines and identify key areas for improvement.

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