Our Work


A Smart Metering Solution for Energy and Environmental Reporting

How We Helped a Company Capture Data for Continuous Improvement and Reporting on Environmental Impact

Porex (The Filtration Group), a manufacturer based in Richmond, Virginia, needed to find a custom solution for measuring and reporting environmental impact to support the global presence of its customers. Porex sought a turnkey solution that could capture key performance indicators and accurately report the embodied carbon emissions of manufacturing and delivering a porous polymer material to one of their global clients.

Our Approach

Bowerbird developed a Smart Metering solution that included a diverse group of subject matter experts and a SaaS (Software as a Service) vendor to install hardware and launch the network. We wanted to provide a system that was accessible to the client and offered training to give them independence in monitoring data and providing flexibility.

We wanted to give them the tools needed to deliver what their customer wanted, carbon emissions reporting, but use the project to build a solid benchmark and base infrastructure for an all-encompassing IoT solution.

The Results

Our Smart Metering system helped Porex track its manufacturing process with the goals of saving energy costs, lowering expenses and accurately reporting CO2e for their clients.