Energy Sense Podcast: Harnessing Solar Power for RVs and Van Life

Energy Sense Podcast with Guest Caza Gomez of RV Solar Connections

Get ready to see more solar panels on the move. More of them are popping up on campers, vans and trailers with the increasing popularity of green travel.

People are enjoying the freedom and adventure of life on the road — and they want renewable energy along for the ride.

In our new episode of the Energy Sense podcast, host Chris Rawlings of Bowerbird Energy talks with Caza Gomis, an Off Grid Energy Specialist for RV Solar Connections.

Caza’s Denver-based business designs renewable energy systems and supports installation partners across the country working on RVs, vans, tiny homes and other off-grid adventures.

We discuss the engineering needed to optimize solar for these purposes, including benefits, limitations and costs. Listen to find out what to need to know before you invest in solar for your RV.

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