Advanced Energy and National Security Panel Discussion: Part 2

The U.S. advanced energy sector and its connection with national security has been sparking policy discussions and leading headlines around the world. We share excerpts from a panel discussion focusing on current events, Virginia clean energy and the relationship of veterans to the energy sector. 

Energy Sense podcast host Chris Rawlings, a Veterans Advanced Energy Fellow, former U.S. Marine and the CEO of Bowerbird Energy Contractors, joins:

– Col. Dave Belote, USAF (Ret.), Former F-16 Pilot and Managing Partner and CEO of DARE Strategies LLC
– Col. Greg Douquet, USMC (Ret.), Senior Fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center, and Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Red Duke Strategies, LLC
– Ann Loomis, Vice President of Federal Affairs, Dominion Energy, and former chief of staff to Virginia Sen. John Warner.

Panel Discussion was recorded May 25, 2022. Sponsors included Atlantic Council Veterans Advanced Energy Project, Dominion Energy, Bowerbird Energy Contractors, E2 and the Virginia Energy Workforce Consortium.