Tips on Using the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager Tool

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Local green building standards are becoming increasingly common in the United States, with the aim of reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings.

To meet these standards and avoid costly penalties, building owners must comply with certain efficiency and reporting requirements, with the benchmarking process relying on the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager tool. It helps ensure that you’re meeting the reporting requirements and accurately demonstrating compliance with the regulations.

Here are some tips for using it effectively:

  1. Get familiar with the tool: Before using the Energy Star Portfolio Manager, building owners should take the time to familiarize themselves with the tool’s features and functionality. This will help them navigate the tool more easily and ensure that they are using it correctly.
  2. Ensure accurate data entry: Accurate data entry is critical. Building owners should make sure that they’re entering all necessary data correctly and using the correct units of measurement. This will help ensure that energy usage data is accurate and meeting the reporting requirements.
  3. Regularly update data: Energy usage data can change over time, and building owners should be sure they regularly update their data in the Energy Star Portfolio Manager. This will help ensure that they’re meeting the reporting requirements and accurately reflecting their energy usage.
  4. Use the tool for analysis: In addition to reporting energy usage data, building owners can also use the Energy Star Portfolio Manager to analyze their energy usage and identify areas where they can reduce energy consumption. This can help them prioritize energy-efficient upgrades and reduce their overall energy costs.
  5. Seek assistance if needed: The Energy Star Portfolio Manager can be a complex tool, and building owners who need assistance should not hesitate to seek help. Organizations like Bowerbird Energy can provide support and guidance to building owners using the tool for the first time or who need assistance with data entry or analysis.

The Energy Star Portfolio Manager helps you meet reporting requirements and reduce energy consumption. Compliance with local green building standards is essential for building owners who want to contribute to sustainability efforts and avoid fines or penalties. And with the right tools and support, meeting these standards can be made much easier.