Veteran LED CEO Chris Rawlings Weighs In on COVID19 Impacts to EE

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 will prove to be a historical moment in history. While many will certainly feel the physical and economic strains for some time, it is important to understand that this is temporary and we will get through this together. The nation will forever be changed and with that change will come some uncertainty as new strategies are battle tested, but let us not forget about the innovation it has already sparked.

The post World War II era spawned innovation and brought about a manufacturing revolution. We’re seeing similar effects regarding PPE manufacturing in the U.S now as we fight to get these items in the hands of medical professionals on the front lines.

Teams are finding ways to perform services and sell products virtually, families are spending more time together, people are more active outdoors, and health is a top priority with folks washing their hands more and using hand sanitizer.

Sure it is easy to point out the terrible immediate effects of this virus, but in times of despair we need to tell our stories, collaborate with each other, and find ways to innovate together. Recognizing the environment, identifying the enemy, and coming up with an attack plan was something we were all familiar with in the military. We need to practice those same critical steps when dealing with this virus. I’m confident we can all win together and come out of this better than before. I wish you all health and happiness and God Bless.