Veteran LED Brand Remains with Products, VLED Brand Emerges as Professional Services Expand

Since October 2016, our company has been proud to be known as Veteran LED and focused on lighting and controls as the core of our business. As most of you know was recently launched as our lighting store, offering all of our branded lighting and partners products that we use in our projects. The original Veteran LED brand has a special place in our hearts and will remain on our branded products and at our lighting store.

As a full service lighting contracting company, it was fun to be able to grow within the LED lighting industry and become known as the go-to veteran owned lighting company. As our professional services team evolved over the years to become more broadly focused on energy and environmental consulting, we thought it was important to have a brand that was more aligned with our current services and capabilities as a company.

We will always have a passion for, and a proud vast experience in, lighting and controls, but we are excited to announce our new brand as VLED and along with it, our new capabilities. The expansion and growth of VLED has only been made possible with your continued support, to include our beloved veteran community.

Thank you all so much and we look forward to a long future in partnership with you as VLED.