Tennessee Valley Authority Offers $30 per ton Cash Incentive for UV-C Lighting

In an effort to help businesses battle COVID 19, the Tennessee Valley Authority is offering cash incentives to businesses for installing UV-C lighting inside the HVAC systems.

TVA began studying the technology before the virus exploded across the country. “We thought it was going to be great for places like schools to cut down on transmission of things like the flu and all those viruses kids get every fall,” TVA engineer Jason Snyder said today. “We were also thinking of areas like reception areas.”

Now, schools, small businesses, reception areas and other places people gather “have the ability to kill more of the virus as it gets into the air stream as this is a duct-installed system,” Snyder said. “As air goes through that HVAC duct, we’re going to basically keep the virus from replicating. It deactivates the virus as it goes through this light.”