LIVE APRIL 8TH – Smart Buildings: Energy and Environmental Management FREE WEBINAR

Join Chris Rawlings, CEO at VLED while he discusses the topic of smart buildings. What does it mean? What technology is available? And how can we use it to progress our energy and environmental goals as a society?

IoT, AI, blockchain, machine learning. These are all well known buzz words in the technology space, but how do we bring simplicity to such a seemingly complex idea? First we need to identify the audience. Maybe you’re a CFO looking for strategic ways to lower OpEx. Maybe you’re a large company that has committed to carbon reduction goals and are learning how to leverage technology to help meet stakeholder needs. Whatever the case may be, “smart buildings” can only be possible with the adoption of technology and the adoption of technology happens when it is affordable and understood. Tune in for our FREE 30 minute webinar with Q&A to discover how you can leverage technology and own/operate a “smart building”.