Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (or IoT as most call it) is contributing immensely to every industry, including energy. The decrease cost in sensors, software platforms that are hardware agnostic, and the use of cloud based services is enabling mid-sized ESCO’s to implement robust Measurement and Verification (M&V) platforms for small-mid sized enterprises (SME’s). The malleability of these systems provides SME’s the opportunity to participate in energy savings programs thought previously to only be available at the large corporation level. Why is this important you ask?

The ability to peer into the generation, transmission, storage, and use of energy provides companies with full transparency at both the utility and consumer level. With VLED’s fully executed Energy Management Plan, this transparency results in actionable data production, cost savings, and reduced carbon footprint with engineered pin-point accuracy. Our systems and plans allow facility operators to optimize processes that drive down operational expenses and energy usage permanently. Real-time data collection, tracking energy patterns, takes the guess work out of predicting monthly costs and provides customers the ability to create new revenue streams through programs such as Demand Response.

Demand Response is a program that aims to curb the demand for energy instead of the supply. One of the functions of a utility is to balance demand/supply of energy by bringing generation plants on and off-line to compensate for “peak load times”. Think of a hot day in Texas at 1pm during a week day where most offices are blasting their HVAC units. This would be a “peak load time” and utilities may be forced to bring generation plants on-line to meet demand, which drives up costs for the utility and subsequently the consumer. To cover the demand, they must increase supply right? Not with DR. Utilities engage companies to participate in Demand Response programs to help balance the grid, therefor reducing costs for the utility. A signal is sent to an energy management system on-site demanding a reduction in energy for a certain time period. The customer complies autonomously based on planned schedules, and is compensated per kWh reduced at a previously agreed to amount. This process happens autonomously, with little to no impact on customer operations.

Security of the network and collected data is of the highest importance to VLED. Information will only be shared over secure networks and as agreed by all parties involved. Internationally accepted M&V protocols are followed to ensure the integrity and accuracy of programs and security of data.

The IoT industry will continue to imbed itself in the processes of companies for years to come. If adopted correctly and in a timely fashion, you will be mobilized to create a competitive advantage over your competitors and immediately generate more revenue.

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