Environmental Sustainability in the Cannabis Industry: Impacts, Best Management Practices, and Policy Considerations

It is critical that states continuously track, regulate and reduce the industry’s energy intensity and impact through energy efficiency and clean energy measures.”

Through the understanding and sharing of best practices the cannabis industry can GROW without an unnecessary environmental burden!

Our horticulture specialists at Veteran LED focus on providing the highest quality lighting solutions available.

Light Environment– For plants to reach (and stay in) the optimal growth phase, indoor growers must re-create the “perfect environment” that will yield the desired amount of crops in the shortest time possible.

Light Levels – The quantity of light available for photosynthesis – > PPFD mapping.

Lifecycle – Rated life-hours of the lighting fixture, driver, and connected systems.

Efficacy – Energy efficiency cuts overhead utility costs and reduces environmental impact.

Controls – The deployment of IoT technologies and control systems give the facility operator 3 main abilities:

  • Constantly monitor the grow process, log data, and perform corrective actions.

  • Share data with in-house engineers for continuous process improvement across all facilities.

  • Ability to future-proof for growth with a connected infrastructure and add layers for resiliency.